Spring Board

Reinventing the bucket list

Spring Board is the new social app that flips the script on the bucket list. Forget death as a motivator. Spring Board is about living now!

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Why Spring Board?

Rooted in a philosophy that emphasizes experience over achievement, Spring Board is about engaging in things that resonate with you. No master plan; no resolutions; no things you want to do before you die.

Spring Board is about being vital - now.

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How it works


Your buds send you suggestions (“springs”) for specific things they’d love to see you do or experience. Their job is to expand your thinking. Your job is to be open. When a spring resonates with you (no matter how little or big!), you post it to your Spring Board. You can post your own springs as well, as you never know when inspiration will strike.



Visit your Spring Board often. Although you may not take action on a spring right away, the seed has been planted. You update your Spring Board when you “tap” any of your springs. Need a boost? Your buds are there to encourage and support you. When a spring has sprung, you celebrate!


As you receive springs, there is a tendency towards resistance. Don’t worry about taking action on your springs right away; in time you will see that the springs work on their own! As you move into the unknown, you will discover unexpected things about yourself that will amaze you. The point is that you’re perpetually, actively engaged in things that resonate with you. There is no goal, no end, no destination, but continuous renewal and a journey sure to unfold in unexpected ways.

And, just as important as it is to tend to your own Spring Board, posting springs on your buds’ boards is just as meaningful! Connecting with your buds and giving back renews the cycle.

“The vitality of your life does not depend on how much you achieve, but on how often you engage in things that resonate with you.”

- Ted Case, 10,000 YEAR Thinking®


With Spring Board:

There is no bucket.

The bucket can symbolize death, and bring fear into the process. The goals on a bucket list also tend to put fulfillment in the future, not the present.

There is no goal.

Setting goals can imply that success is only achieved by accomplishing the goal exactly as set forth. Goals are rigid, and don’t account for flexibility and wonderful tangents.

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